​discovering soul destiny

Have you come to a place in your life where your heart is opening to those all-important questions: who am I, why am I here?, how can I make a difference?
​Perhaps you have a sense of awakening at a deep soul level to the 
desire to fully express your divine nature in the world.When yo
u are ready, you're ready.

​​Find out more through my
​Soul Destiny Intuitive Readings
and Destiny Coaching Programs to help you explore and activate your Soul Destiny.

​There are 5 important questions that you may wish to ask yourself to find out if you are ready to start the journey of discovery. I am happy to share them with you - just ask.
consciousness & mindfulness

When we elevate our consciousness, we become mindful of every decision we make on a spirit, emotional, mental and physical level. Meditation is a proven methodology that positively affects lifestyle changes, relief of stress. It will offer you new perspectives on living powerfully and authentically.

​​The meditation and energy system I teach honors your physical (matter) and energy (spirit) portions of self. As you find a deeper sense of your true self, you learn to live a life of conscious choice.

soul destiny coaching

​8 Week Individual Coaching Programs. 
Work directly with me in ​1:1 weekly sessions to unwrap the gifts of your personal Soul Destiny. Discover your  Soul's longing, your true destiny and purpose here.
​Sessions include positive support to help you activate the greater wisdom within and set your destiny purpose into motion.

​​​​​​wellness coaching
​Establishing a foundation of wellness can be key to living a life of Soul-drive purpose. What's right for you and how do you know? Superfoods, Low Carb? Vegan? I'll assist you to find the right nutritional program that will talk to the specific needs of your body. We'll supplement that with non-food strategies to support your success.
​It doesn't have to be hard to achieve your goals because we will be working with your desire to become more of who you are through wellness.

​​soul planning

Putting your destiny into action. Weave purpose and destiny into your life with the power of positivity and soul planning. When we are called to transition, we are being asked to reach for something greater from ourselves. Perhaps you know your purpose and you feel strong and ready for change. So what now?

​​As your personal coach, I'll be there with you at each pivotal step, as you discover and plan the next steps of your life journey.

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Awakening to Purpose
​Do you feel yourself awakening to the pure potential of You? Do you have a longing to see your dreams come alive in the world?
​Are you already walking your destiny path, seeking ways to live your intentions more consciously?

​Through personalized or group coaching, we will activate your greater wisdom -- your Quantum purpose.
​Then, together we will create positive action plans to bring your vision to life.​
Questions? Please ask!
Upcoming Events & Courses

Soul Destiny Intuitive Readings
Are you curious to learn more about your Soul Destiny, your Soul's true purpose for being here?
These private 75 minute sessions explore the history of your Soul, Soul blocks you may have been living with through the ages and strategies to living a full life of destiny and purpose.​

​​Send me a note to sign up!

Meditation & Healing Classes

​​​"The Prophet" Course​​​​​​​
"Ancient Shamanism" Course​​​​​​​
"Tibetan Mastery" Course​​​​​​​

Free Teleconference Calls
These ongoing calls offer learning in how to live powerfully, with conscious choice and to the full breadth of your Soul's desire. Calls are limited to 20 callers.
​​Send me a note to sign up!

free meditation

Drop me a line and I'll be delighted to share a meditation with you that helps open you to the Divine Wisdom within on your destiny purpose.